I'm proud to partner with these amazing innovative and environmentally responsible companies. My sponsors all make products that i use everyday and i believe to be best of the best. Things like USA manufacturing with sustainable materials, participation in environmentally conscious programs like 1% For The Planet, Green America, and Trees for the Future are all very important to me.  I have worked hard to not only represent these great companies but to be involved in the development and testing of their products to ensure that they are the best that they can be. Please check out their websites and I'm sure you will be impressed.


Slingshot is my primary hard goods sponsor, I represent the surf side of the brand and our products are cutting edge built with industry leading manufacturing right here in the USA. I have been using the Rally kite exclusively for 4 years and have had the opportunity to be involved closely with its design to make it the best kite for surfing. I have also done engineering/industrial design work on the Compstick control bar, such as the innovative finger protecting center hole. I love that i have been able to combine all my passions to work with world class designers like Tony Logosz at Slingshot to make the best products.
— Patrick Rebstock


I have been listening to music my whole life and Waterfi enables me to bring that enjoyment to the water sports that i love. There is nothing like listening to music while kitesurfing it is amazing, its like there is a concert in my head. Waterfi has world class customer service and innovative products. The Waterfi Waterproof Ipod Shuffle, shortcord headphones and waterproof Kindle Paperwhite are my favorites.
— Patrick Rebstock


This is a company i helped develop with Coleman Buckley we make custom molded harnesses out of carbon fiber and memory foam. Fed up with a lack of innovation in the industry we decided to make our own high end custom harnesses. These are in a league of their own, nothing like custom hand made gear right here in California. Try an Engine harness your back will thank you.
— Patrick Rebstock


All Good, organic, local, sustainable, educational, skincare products grown by amazing people right here in California. Never put toxic sunscreen on your skin use All Good and you will notice the the healing powers of natures plants.
Best sun protection around, personally involved with testing and ensuring it will keep you protected all day on the water.
— Patrick Rebstock


Eco friendly bamboo Sunglasses and surf goggles made right here in California by Kurtis. Kurtis is all about saving peoples eyes on and off the water. His products are top notch and developed for extreme sports like surfing and kitesurfing.
I love the style of the bamboo shades and high quality lenses.
When i wear my surf goggles my eyes don’t hurt at the end of the day from all the glare. #nofriedeyes #nofriedearth
— Patrick Rebstock


I have worked with hydroflex to create something that i think is completely unique and unmatched with any surfboard construction. Using their 3d lamination technology and my expertise in kitesurfing board abuse we developed the strongest surfboard/kiteboard that has an incredible feel and softness on the feet, there is nothing that even comes close to the performance of this lamination. Its whats under your feet that matters most and we have created something very unique.
— Patrick Rebstock