Patrick's Roots

In Swedish Patrick's middle name, Fisk, means fish. He was born to parents that loved to surf, windsurf, and recreate in the ocean, Patrick has grown up at the beach.

Patrick's father, Rob Rebstock was attacked by a Great White Shark in 1975 off of Pt. Conception, the first attack since the JAWS movie had hit the theaters earlier that summer. Surviving the attack he got back in the water as soon as his stitches were out, opting to study for law school while surfing on the North Shore of Oahu.

Patrick grew up with a great passion and respect for the ocean with Rob Rebstock as his hero guiding his journey. Rob's best friend who he had taught how to surf, Bob Mcknight Founder and CEO of Quiksilver, became Patrick's first sponsor at 15 years of age, grooming him to be a professional athlete.